Field Trips

Educational Field Trip is a Major Constructivist Method of Teaching and Learning. Teachers Facilitate the Learning task and this method allows Children to Learn through Participation and Observation.

Kindergarten Children are taken to Parks, Zoo’s, Nilgiri Biosphere, Butterfly Gardens Where they Enjoy, Explore and Experience the Outer World for the very First time in their Childhood.
Primary Class Children Gets a Chance to Visit Post Office, Bank, Airport, Museum, Railway Station, Hospital, Fire Service, Traffic Park, Zoo, Dams, Birds Sanctuary Agriculture University where they Listen, Learn and Replicate!

Secondary Class Students Get an Opportunity to Visit Wild Life Sanctuaries, Tiger Reserves Where they connect themselves with Nature and See Picturesque Views of Mountains, Valleys, Rainforest, Hydraulic PowerStations, etc..

Primary & Secondary Class Students also get to visit Car Museums, Insect Museums, Science Centre and Museum, Ancient Sculptures and Writing of Temples Which makes them Inquisitive about Indigenous Culture and Heritage of Our Country!