The Foundational Years of Education are the Most important for Children as it plays a significant role in determining the growth of the Child. In KG We have a Montessori way of learning accompanied by Text Books Curriculum designed by chrysalis which in turn Paves the way for the Holistic Development of a child.

●  Every Child gets Motherly Care from the Teachers!

●  Junior KG Students Get Feeding by Teachers for Initial 4 months.

● We have a Special Food Chart Prepared for KG which is Designed in a way that would make Children Love to Eat Fruits and Vegetables!

● Fine Motor Skills are Improved for Children by Performing Threading, Weaving around Cardboard, Crushing Paper, Moulding Clays, etc.,

● Gross Motor Skills for Children are Improved by Activities and games such as Hopping, Crawling, Walking on Straight Line, Tri-cycling, etc.,

●  Children Learn Phonetics with Audio-Visual Classrooms.


●  We Celebrate Green day, Red day, Pink day, Yellow day in which Children wear Respective Colour dresses and bring objects that define those colors, this, in turn, imbibes them Knowledge about Colour and its Connectivity with Humanity and Nature!


●  We Celebrate Vegetables Day where the Children will be assigned the task of bringing Different Vegetables and this makes us Inculcate Children the habit of Eating Vegetables in day to day life!

●  We Celebrate Jungle Day where children will be dressed as Tribes and Animals and this Teaches them at this Young Age about the Importance to Conserve Nature and Preserve Wildlife!