Primary Education


The Primary Years of Education are from Grade I to Grade VI Where the Children actually Start to Listen, Speak, Read And Write (LSRW Concept). Our Chrysalis Curriculum is designed in a way where the Children Develop their Cognitive, Social, Physical, and Emotional Quotient which is Vital for Children of this Age Category.

Traditional Classrooms are Replaced with Thinkroom Where the Children Listen, Thinks and Creates in their own unique way.

Every Child gets an Opportunity to Learn, Explore and Express in their own way.

A Child’s Cognitive Ability is improved in a way He/She Can Discern the Difference Between Good and Bad, What to do, and what not to do.

Improved Cognitive Ability Fosters Independent, Critical and Lateral Thinking in the Child.

Social Development in our Children is achieved by inculcating Cooperation, Collaboration, Negotiation. It also paves the Way for the Children to develop Empathy, Humility, Sharing, and Caring.

The emotional Development of a Child is very critical in the Ever Competitive Modern Era. We Teach them the Qualities of Self Regulation, Self Confidence, Persistence, and Resilience. This Ultimately Prepares them to Face, Combat, and Overcome Failures!

We Celebrate “THINKROOM DAY” every year in the Last Week of January, Where Parents are invited to join us in knowing what their child does in a Live Thinkroom. Here Parents Get to see the way Children Learn, Explore and Express themselves in a Thinkroom.

Grade I and Grade 2 get to the next level of Phonetics where Children Further Improve their Pronunciation of Difficult Words.

Research Says That There Are Roughly 40% Of Kinaesthetic Learners In Each Classroom And A Great Way Of Learning Science Is Experiential Learning.

Fundamentals of Mathematics Such as Arithmetic and Logical Operations are Reinforced at Primary Level Using Various Techniques.

We Cater to the need for Experiential Learning by giving Hands-on Learning “Science Explorer Kit” to Every Child where they will be having 10 Projects in Each kit Which teaches them the Fundamentals of Physics, Chemistry, and Biology According to the Age of the Learner.

This is an Innovative Solution For Learning Science that lives up to the True Meaning of a Lab, Where Experimentation, Innovation, and Experience form the Key Of Learning.

This Experiential Learning leads to Active Learning, Project-Based Learning, and Hands-on Learning, and Finally Conceptual Learning and Understanding!

Social Science is Learned by Travelling, Interacting and Understanding, thus We take our Children to Post Office, Bank, Airport, Museum, Railway Station, Hospital, Fire Service, Traffic Park, Zoo, Agriculture University, etc., to make the Comprehend way Our Society Functions.

Children from Grade 4 are provided with English and Tamil Student Edition Newspapers Daily to Improve their Reading And General Knowledge!