Secondary Education    

Secondary Education

The Purpose of Education is for Betterment of Our Living Standards. Thus in Secondary Education, we Exactly teach them to Apply their Theoretical Understanding to Practical Application which in turn Enhances their way of Living. “Necessity is the Mother of Inventions” Students get an Opportunity to Solve Real-Life Problems that Exist in the Society by Innovation, Improvisation, and Implementation.

●The Emphasis laid on Building up the Structured, Student-Centred, and Inquiry-based foundation laid in the Primary level.

●The Curriculum is Research Oriented and Learning Opportunities are Provided through Worksheets in the Thinkroom.

●Students are Taken to English Language Lab and with the help of Audio- Visual Aids they tend to Listen to Pronunciation of Complicated Words and Their Reading is Enhanced by Reading News Papers

●Students are taken to Science Laboratory where they Convert Theoretical Learning into Experiential Learning

●In Physics Students learn about the Phenomenon of Nature and Properties of Energy and matter, they also learn the differences between Principle, Theory, Fact, and Law!

●In Chemistry Students Conduct various Experiments of an Equation in the Lab and Conceptually Understand the Fundamentals of Chemistry.

●In Biology Students get to understand themselves and they Conduct Multiple Experiments on Various Living Organisms and they Learn About the Process of the “Evolution” of Species.

●Students of Grade VI to X are given an Agriculture Field where they Sow Seeds, water them and develop Organic Manures from Wasted Vegetables, Fruits, and Fallen Leaves and Sow them in the Field. They also take back their Grown Vegetables and Fruits to their Home.

●Math Lab gives an Opportunity for Students to Enjoy Mathematics and with the help of Concrete objects, it helps them to Solve Practical Problems.

●Computer time is Given to Students where they Practically Exhibit their Skills in MS Office, Excel, PowerPoint, and also C, C++ Programming Languages.

●Students are also given opportunities to do Coding if they are Passionate about Computer Languages.

●Students Receive Student Edition Newspaper daily which provides them an opportunity to Express their Talent in Multiple Arts which would be Published with their Name once a Week in the same Edition.

●Group Discussions are also done from topics in the Newspaper to Generalized Socio-Economic Problems in the Society.

●It’s Imperative that Students at Adolescent are Guided in the Right Direction, KVM deeply believes in Creating and Giving Truthful and Ethical Citizens to the Society, in order to achieve it we have “Ankur Value Education” From people Of ISKCON where they Imbibe Students with the habits of “ Honesty, Trustworthiness, Humility, Empathy, Courage & Sacrifice.