Admissions open for Academic year 2024-25 from PRE-KG to GRADE X

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Kovai Vidya Mandhir School is a multiple campus school with world class facilities. Academic facilities include smart classes, IT labs, study halls etc. Our classrooms are spacious and equipped with the latest IT infrastructure that meets international standards.


We believe that every child has a unique inner potential. Only when this is nurtured, they can contribute their fullest to the world as well as themselves. As educators, it is our primary goal to help every learner discover their inner potential. Unfortunately, over a period, this goal has been diluted resulting in mediocre practices and mediocre solutions.

At Chrysalis, we believe that the primary focus of education should be to help every child discover his/her potential. With this purpose, we have focused the last 15 years on rethinking mediocrity in education through cutting-edge research and innovation. This has resulted in game-changing frameworks and solutions that challenge mediocre educational practices. It’s now time that we join hands and together wipe out mediocrity in education.


Educomp provides the students with conceptual learning through Audio visual classrooms. Digital classrooms for Students to understand and remember the concept through visualization.


A large spacious library is a delightful place, rendering an invitation for anyone to hop in. It houses a collection of periodical, journals, books and magazines, catering to the needs of the different section of students.
Every child, right from GRADE 3 has been issued a book for a week to have the habit of reading.

Dev academy of sports

The uniqueness of the school is its playground. Here at KVM we have got individual sports fields for Football, Cricket, Basketball, Volleyball, Throwball, Kho-Kho, etc;. We have well-reputed coaches for training students for each sport.


It improves physical and mental health, builds self-esteem and protects them. Children at our training sessions are taught that Karate will make them strong and it is more a defensive and not an offensive martial art.

Butterfly edufields

Activity based training for students to inculcate practical knowledge through ‘Hands on learning’ projects. We want to see our students as more doers. We want to help bring back the magic that occurs when the head, hand and heart act in unison.


Tech Know Edukit's ideology is based on the philosophy of imparting knowledge of an exclusive and unique continuum of teaching aids. These educational kits have been designed to encourage logical and rational thinking, rather than to follow the obvious protocol of monotonous classroom queries. The TechKnow Edukit offers products that will fascinate kids with the wonders of Robotics, Scientific Discovery, Simple & Compound Machines, and much more. It will spark your kids interest in these fields. These are specifically designed activity kits. With this kit, students explore scientific concepts and apply them. Each kit has 8 unique activities which consist of experiments, simple machines and a Logical Robot. Our belief has been that applied hands-on experience has always been more effective than conventional education and we strive to make a student an all-rounded successful individual.

My pedia

MyPedia aims to transform education delivery in schools by integrating all learning and teaching tools in a well-designed and scientific manner. 'MyPedia is not one product. It is a whole-school academic partnership programme that improves students' cognitive skills by continuously partnering with everyone involved in the learning process: teachers, school leaders, parents, and most importantly - students.'

Created for Grade 6 to Grade 8, MyPedia aims to improve the way teachers teach and students learn. Additionally, MyPedia caters to the assessment needs in order to shed continuous insight into the dynamic process of teaching and learning to track the progress of students and suggest necessary remediation thereafter.

Next Education

NextCurriculum is a comprehensive curriculum solution that seamlessly integrates impactful audiovisuals, hands-on activities, simulations, lesson plans, books, assessments and more. It provides teachers, students, parents with a well-structured and detailed plan of action. This facilitates quality education and further enhances the educational experience for all the stakeholders involved.


Silambam is a weapon-based martial art of India, more specifically in our state of Tamil Nadu, where it originated around 1000 BC. It is one of the 64 art forms of yore and a predecessor to many other art forms and the pride of Tamil Nadu... There are lot of health benefits in learning Silambam. It is a good form of cardio exercise. It improves the flexibility of body and the reflex of the individual. It helps with muscle co-ordination and increases mental strength and agility.